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Three Facts Programmers Won’t Tell the Average Trader about Forex Automatic Trading Robots

Forex robots are automated systems that function by entering trade orders on behalf of a human operator. A programming code in these robots enables them to make gains using the application of mathematical rules that are decided by their creators. In spite of all the uncertainty surrounding the returns that it generates from using Forex automatic trading robots; their popularity is still increasing...[Read More]

Top Three Forex Fraud Investment Schemes That Were the Hallmark of January 2017

Fraud never sleeps. Fraudsters are always looking for new ways to fleece traders off their hard earned money. At any given time, reports of Forex fraud always dominate the headlines across the globe. The occurrence of Forex fraud is now not restricted to the confines of the main cities such as New York and London but steady becoming an international menace; a reflection that this industry is globa...[Read More]

Trusted Forex Brokers for Beginner Traders

The forex market is vast and as such, includes various brokers around the globe. Most of these brokers are found online and have numerous advertisements on websites and social media. For an individual who wants to delve into the forex markets, these brokers seem very attractive as most of these advertisements either come with bonuses or guarantees. Of course, not everything on the internet is true...[Read More]

How to Select the Best Forex Broker

The choice of a forex broker is the first and most important decision a new trader will make. This choice will often either make or break the trader. There are many brokers to choose from. The forex market is the largest market globally, and as such it attracts many parties, traders and brokers alike. Making comparisons of all these brokers can be a daunting task as there is a lot of information t...[Read More]

The Necessity of Reviewing Brokers

The forex market is the largest trading markets in the world with billions of dollars being traded on a daily basis. This has attracted an array of forex brokers and traders that aim at getting a piece of the profits amassed by such large trading volumes. The large number of forex brokers available can confuse a trader, and making the choice of the right broker can be difficult. There are, however...[Read More]

Benefits of Trading with Top Forex Brokers

Due to the large number of forex brokers available today, many forex traders are left confused when making the choice of which broker to use. Often many decide to go with brokers that provide good bonuses or minimal entry capital requirements without examining other aspects of the brokerage. Others decide on brokers that have made a name for themselves and have been around for a while, therefore, ...[Read More]

Who are the Top Forex Brokers available?

For any individual looking to delve into the lucrative practice of forex trading, the first and most important decision to make will be the choice of a forex broker. A forex broker will often determine whether a person struggles to take advantage of the forex markets and the profits that are available, or has a strong chance. There are various players in the forex market such as hedge funds, banks...[Read More]

The Best Online Forex Brokers

Brokers in the forex industry offer a number of platforms. Some platforms require one to download on their workstation, others offer mobile platforms, while others provide online platforms. Online forex brokers require one to have a fast and reliable internet connection to get the best out of the forex market. Once this is available, one can easily trade currencies on the forex market. Of the many...[Read More]

Forex Trader Security: Five Ways Traders Can Mitigate Risks Associated With Cyber And Hacking Attacks

Cyber and hacking attacks are not uncommon in the Foreign Exchange Market. These attacks affect Forex traders directly when the attackers gain access to confidential information such as their name, trading account numbers and email addresses. Attacks may stem from intentional breaches from DDoS and Malwares such as Trojans. During an attack against JP Morgan in August 2014, 83 million client email...[Read More]

Why User Reviews Cannot Be Fully Trusted In Rating of Forex Brokers

In the Foreign Exchange Market comments are usually left by the clients in form of reviews.  The customers experience is the subject matter here and it usually sums it up. These reviews end up creating ratings that are given to the brokerage firms based on the responses given by the clients. Owing to the fact that this new frontier in foreign currency trading lacks clear rules and precedents, the ...[Read More]

Ways In Which Brokers Prevent The Mass Exodus Of Clients

It is not uncommon for Forex brokers to experience problems with regard to the retention of clients bearing in mind that their competitors always in a constant pursuit of new traders. They mostly target clients who usually happen to be unsatisfied with the services that they are receiving from their current brokerage firm. This is all part of the Forex brokerage trading environment where Forex bro...[Read More]

Vital Attributes Traders Look For In a Forex Broker Platform

The currency trading platform in Forex brokerage refers to software used by Forex traders when analyzing Forex trading and the execution of trade. These platforms are also responsible for the provision of charts and other order-taking techniques that are used in currency exchange. The best platforms are those that contain the fee structure, charts (as products that are offered) and easy functional...[Read More]

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