Forex Strategies

Three Reasons Why Every Trader Should Use The Price Action Forex Trading Strategy

The Price Action strategy allows the trader to analyze the market and make trading decisions determined by real-time price movements found on the charts. This strategy does not depend on lagging indicators as most of them are derived from prices that are on the trading charts (information on past prices). Traders who embrace the Price Action strategy stick to simplicity, as an effective trade meth...[Read More]

Good Forex Trading Strategies for Profitability

There are many forex trading strategies that have been developed to aid new traders or those who want to try new methods of making profits. Some of these strategies work well for some traders while they fail to work in other cases. The important thing is to find a forex trading approach that works for you. There are different forex trading strategies that are available. Some are free while others ...[Read More]

Free Forex Trading Strategies with High Success Rates

Forex trading is a very lucrative earning opportunity, and it is clear why very many people have started trading either on a part-time or a full-time basis. Forex trading, however, carries many risks and it is vital to know how to trade in a manner that ensures more gains than losses. One way of doing this is to utilize forex trading strategies. Finding good forex trading strategies that work is n...[Read More]

Four Most Effective Forex Trading Strategies

The primary motivation in Forex trading is the possibility of making profits. This motivation has led professional traders and experts in the Foreign Exchange Market to come up with methodologies which are meant to boost their profits when trading. There exists a large number of strategies have been successfully employed by traders with each trader preferring a specific strategy or at times applyi...[Read More]

Two Forex Trading Strategies That Can Guarantee Success

Forex trading offers numerous exciting opportunities for traders to realize profits from exchange rate fluctuations. Because of this, forex trading has attracted many individuals, and some of them have developed forex trading strategies that have helped them become successful traders. Despite the fact that each trader needs to be flexible in forex trading, there are some strategies that provide tr...[Read More]

Five Best Forex Strategies for a Beginner

Even though there is a plethora of articles on the web giving free Forex strategies, very few have been able to demystify the topic comprehensively. The International Forex Market is the world’s most liquid financial market. Forex (or FX) simply means foreign exchange markets where currencies of the world are traded. It is one of the most lucrative careers. Nonetheless, success in Forex trading re...[Read More]

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