Introduction to Forex

Why Social Trading in Forex is in the rise with many Brokers.

No one can underestimate the power of social networks in the people’s daily lives. I mean, social networks can build and at the same time help in destroying the already built structures. I’m sure all of you can remember the role of social media in the ‘Arab Spring of Revolution’ that swept across Asia and Africa continents. On the positive side, you probably read at least five marketing adverts vi...[Read More]

Why do many Forex traders these days embrace Binary Options Trade?

Forex trading is proving quite challenging to some traders who thought that the activity would be a walk in the park. Many traders who need quick profits are swiftly hurrying to Binary Options which in truth is one of the riskiest investment known to me. In many aspects, binary options have much similarities to gambling but that doesn’t stop it from having some benefits.  a) It’s easy to conduct a...[Read More]

Things that Forex Traders Fear and Their Possible Remedies.

There’s no factor that threatens every Forex traders’ ability than fears do. In fact, fears can sum up all the risks associated with trading but what I must tell you is that every good thing that you’ve ever fancied is on the other side of fear. This leaves you with two options of either to fight fears or to look for any exit and flee away from the perceived fears. In case I haven’t said it before...[Read More]

The Right Thing to Do When the Forex Market is Frustrating

There’s nothing worse than frustrations during trading as it can account for all the subsequent losses a trader can make. As if we’re still not done with frustration, it can cause a trader to develop self-doubt and low confidence to his/her trading strategies. The result of frustration can be characterized by poor decision making, overtrading and a couple of other trading mistakes. However, there ...[Read More]

The Common Indicators that are vital during trending markets

Many traders find it simple to trade when the market is trending. This is because traders always flow with the trend and as a result accumulate the profits that come with euphoria. However, it’s not advisable to flow with the trend that you don’t know its genesis and duration. There are indicators that will help a trader to determine when the trend will start, last and end so that a trader can pla...[Read More]

Are there good and wrong time for Scalping in Forex?

r scalping? I hope that by now you’ve established what scalping means and how it works. If not so then I will offer to tell you the meaning once more. Scalping is a system of trading where Forex traders open and close positions for a short time severally within the day with an aim of making quick profits. This system of trading requires traders to be skilful and very prompt since it involves swift...[Read More]

Why Forex Trading remains the perfect Home Business

Many people who are jobless or just stay-at-home parents aren’t finding it easy on what they can do to generate income from their comfortable houses. Most of the opportunities are either ineffective or galvanized scams that rip them off their hard-earned money. This is why I find it good to introduce you to the best place where you can get make good money without any manipulation. In the first pla...[Read More]

Where to get a meaningful Foreign Exchange training

The wise men were not at fault when they said that information is power. The main way you can obtain information is through education from reputable sources. Before you decide to venture in forex, you need to arm yourself with essential knowledge that will help you be relevant to the market and avoid financial losses. You need to acquire necessary skills and knowledge through training that will en...[Read More]

What should form a good training program for beginners?

There’s a growing concern over the meager percentage of traders making consistent profits in the forex market. In fact only 5% of total traders are capable of repeating their successful feat several times without failing. Many financial analysts attribute this trend to insufficient training or wrong training content and methods to the beginners. It’s paramount that before you commit your precious ...[Read More]

What’s Hedging in Forex Trading?

I bet this isn’t the first time you’re hearing this term. Hedging is a technique that is widely practised in all investments; something that almost makes it a basic tool to any investor. You shouldn’t confuse this hedge with the bushy vegetation that you can use to surround your home to keep invaders away. Even if that’s your take, you won’t be wrong as the ‘hedge’ of Forex will also protect your ...[Read More]

The Truth About the Online Forex Trading

Foreign Exchange or Forex as many people like to call it; is the business that involves the exchange of currencies with the sole intention of making profit. There’s no single country’s economy that can be compared to Forex including the US economy. In fact, the daily Forex turnover can even exceed $1.9 Trillion; something that makes Forex the giant player in the global financial economy. This huge...[Read More]

Mistakes that will guarantee you failure in Forex

You will agree with me that trading is very intriguing and not a walk in the park as many people think it is. Most of our articles we’ve been busy sharing with you the best way to trade but you ignore and do the reverse. This article has the aim of assuring you that going against proven ways of success will lead to your falling with a sounding thud. These are a few things you might be doing wrong....[Read More]

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